Be Bossy offers a variety of services and can also customize a package that meets your specific business and legal needs. 

The Be Bossy Philosophy is being proactive about your business and legal needs is an investment...being reactive about your business and legal needs is an expense.  Invest in your business today.

Flat Fee Legal Counseling Services

We believe your small business deserves the personal touch of a legal consultant that understands your business and wants to work hard to ensure the protection and success of your business. Be Bossy offers flat fee Legal Counseling Services as an affordable alternative to the large law firm hourly billing model, and a more personalized option over online, ad hoc legal services.

Our Legal Counseling Services start with an initial assessment of your legal needs, which is included in the flat fee. The initial assessment of your business is designed to get an understanding of your immediate legal needs, and prioritizing those needs. As a part of the assessment we will also determine the frequency and forum for follow up meetings (e.g. – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly; and in person, by phone, or by videoconference).  The purpose of our follow up meetings is two-fold, to take a proactive approach to your current and potential legal needs and incorporate accountability and transparency into our exchange.

Our Legal Counseling Services can also be customized to fit your specific needs.  Included in our flat fee services is a generous allowance of attorney hours for work on legal matters (e.g. reviewing and drafting contracts, business formation, or intellectual properties filings) and a generous allowance of consulting hours to address your specific questions about the process, our services, and our legal advice. The initial assessment and the follow up meetings are considered separate and are not counted against either of these allowances.

Also included in each flat fee arrangement at no additional charge are:

  • Any time spent on billing, re-negotiating the retainer agreement, or negotiating additional services.
  • A yearly audit of your legal compliance to determine vulnerabilities, with an allowance usable towards compliance

Be Bossy also offers a-la-carte legal services.  Not sure what your specific needs are and which fee arrangement is right for your business and legal needs?  Contact us to discuss what is in the best interest for you and your business.

Business Counseling Services 

Need help deciding on a business structure?  Filing for Trademarks or Copyrights?  Maybe you have a business relationship you need to memorialize through an agreement.  Or you need assistance with your business strategic plan.  Or maybe you need help filing for 501(c)(3) status?  Looking for investors or licensees?  We can assist with all of the above and more.

Be Bossy offers flat fee and hourly billing for Business Counseling Services.  If you are a business entity, a founder, an investor, or an individual just starting out, we can help you.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business formation, registration, licensing & permits
  • Trademark & copyright
  • Contract drafting & review
  • Business strategy
  • Business succession planning

Contact us today to learn more about our fees and how we can help you protect your business and your business interests.

Bossy Bundles

Need a combination of services?  Let us customize a Bossy Bundle to address your specific business and legal needs at an affordable rate.