Want to Know How I Can Help You Legalize Your Business?

As a legal consultant, I offer a range of services to equip you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you need knowledge, support, or trademark assistance, I’m here to make it happen.

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Discovery Call

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15 min




Whether you are building a new brand or need some help gathering a brand already in progress, Legally Branded, is a 1-Day virtual workshop that will get your brand all the way together!

Legal Strategy Sessions

Intimidated by the legal side of your business? Want to protect what matters most to you?


My legal strategy sessions are designed to give you a complete understanding of your current situation and a plan of action going forward. Together, we’ll assess your strengths, identify your weaknesses, and put the legal protection you need in place.

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Hot Seat

Tackle legal problems of all sizes. During our Hot Seat sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into your current situation and develop a legal strategy that will protect you and your brand. No matter how scary the problem may seem, we’ll find the best solution.

1 hr



Whether you’re baffled by trademarking, confused by contracts, or overwhelmed by NDAs, I’ve got your back. You can discover a whole host of ready-made templates in my resource shop to make legal matters easier than ever before.


  • Bundle purchases available

  • Workbooks to elevate your knowledge

  • Planners for better preparation

  • Gift certificates for business owners

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Want to join the Be Bossy community? My merchandise shop is fully stocked with everything you need to stay inspired, feel empowered and mind your own bossness! Whether you’re looking for iconic t-shirts or the perfect mug for your morning coffee, I’ve got something for everyone.

Legal Services


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Krystle I. Myers Esq. believes that all businesses should have access to quality and curated legal services.  Forget the stuffiness and complicated legal jargon.  To meet your needs, we incorporate a hybrid approach that includes traditional and non-traditional legal services that are affordable and approachable.​​