Empowering Entrepreneurs to Protect What Matters Most.

The world of law can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially for growing business owners. With bespoke legal strategy, engaging resources, and expert mentorship, I help creatives and growing business owners secure their most valuable assets.

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Position Your Business For Growth
With Expert Legal Strategy.

Running a business is hard work, right?


Putting a legal strategy in place that protects every aspect of your company allows you to focus on what you do best. Together, we can form a plan that’s tailored to your unique offering, expanding your potential for success.


Be Smart. Be Strong. Be Bossy.

The Bossy Approach is all about harnessing your power, equipping yourself with the right tools, and honoring your strength.


As a business owner, legal challenges can snowball into a full-blown disaster. I can help you to plan smarter, protect your company, and embrace your bossness!

Your Business Is Unique Let's Protect It  Together

As a passionate business attorney, I understand that every company has something incredible to offer the world.

I’m the legal guide you can trust to make growth a priority, legalize your company, and make tackling legal matters an exciting prospect.


Why I Do What I Do


"Krystle has been a longtime supporter of my non-profit organizations & has provided unmatched legal counsel and expertise for the last 4 years. She is beyond an expert in the field, that protects organizations that impact the community and reflects change.  Krystle's expertise and dedication has taken our organization to the next level. BEST BELIEVE I am screaming all PRAISES to Krystle I Myers, ESQ. So if you haven't booked your consultation yet, you tripping. Click the link NOW."


Ready to Secure Your Success for a Brighter Future?

Whether you’re looking for expert strategy sessions or a course to help you navigate the legal sphere, I’ve got your back. Embrace the bossy approach and get in touch today!


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